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April 2018 ISSUE: 119

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February 2018 ISSUE: 117

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January 2018 ISSUE: 116

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December 2017 ISSUE: 115

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November 2017 ISSUE: 114

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September 2017 ISSUE: 112

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May 2017 ISSUE: 108

Chairman´s Note

New Chairman Of MAİB Is Kutlu Karavelioğlu

New chairman of Machinery Exporters Association (MAİB) was elected through Elective Ordinary General Assembly. Elected as the Chairman of Board of Directors of MAİB, Kutlu Karavelioğlu...

TARMAKBİR Opted For Şenol Önal Again

29th Ordinary General Assembly of Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers (TARMAKBİR) was held on April 14th in Ankara and Chairman, Şenol Önal...

7th Ordinary General Assembly Of İSDER Was Convened

7th Ordinary General Assembly of Material Handling, Storage and Industrial Equipment Association of Turkey (İSDER) was held on April 11th.

Era Of Burhan Fırat Is Going On At ARÜSDER

Held on April 20th in Ankara, in the 8th Ordinary General Assembly of Association of Vehicle and On-Vehicle Equipment and Work Machines (ARÜSDER) board of directors under chairmanship of Burhan...

Procurement Committee Programs Are Ongoing

Turkish companies carried out major bilateral business negotiations under leadership of Machinery Exporters Association (MAİB) in the procurement...

Special Exhibıition Incentive To The Members Of MİB From South Korea

Being one of the member unions of Turkish Machinery Federation (MAKFED), while Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MİB) participated in...

İMDER And İSDER’s URGE Journey Is Continuing

The first episode of Work and Handling Machinery Manufacturers URGE Project carried out by Turkish Construction Machinery Distributors and...

Work And Construction Machinery Will Grow With Domestic And National Production

Turkish work and construction machinery sector continues to maintain its sixth place in the Eurasian region and the tenth place in Europe in terms of the manufacturing...