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July 2016 ISSUE: 98

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June 2016 ISSUE: 97

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May 2016 ISSUE: 96

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April 2016 ISSUE: 95

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March 2016 ISSUE: 94

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February 2016 ISSUE: 93

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January 2016 ISSUE: 92

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December 2015 ISSUE: 91

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November 2015 ISSUE: 90

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October 2015 ISSUE: 89

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September 2015 ISSUE: 88

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August 2015 ISSUE: 87

Chairman´s Note

UMTİK 2016 Organized In Bursa

The 17th International Conference on Machine Design and Production, supported by the Turkish Machinery, was held in Bursa on July12-15 with the participation of many scientists...

Honey Bees Becoming Engineers

Aiming to increase the rate of the female students who choose engineering as a future profession, engineering has been promoted to 4,535 students as part of the “Honey Bees are Becoming Engineers”...

Women Hold The Key To Employment

Female entrepreneurs are outperforming their male peers when it comes to hiring, says a recent research by Ernst&Young. According to the EY Global Job Creation Survey 2016, a survey of 2,673...

‘We Teach Science With Robots’

The aim of the ‘I Learn Science with Robots’ project is to teach middle school students science by using robots, Niğde Akşemseddin Science and Arts Center Science Teacher...

Is Somebody Watching Us?

Market surveillance and authority, which is among then most important issues in the 2023 vision, is closely linked to competability, sustainable exports and increasing social prosperity, and also...