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October 2016 ISSUE: 101

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September 2016 ISSUE: 100

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August 2016 ISSUE: 99

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July 2016 ISSUE: 98

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June 2016 ISSUE: 97

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May 2016 ISSUE: 96

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April 2016 ISSUE: 95

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March 2016 ISSUE: 94

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February 2016 ISSUE: 93

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January 2016 ISSUE: 92

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December 2015 ISSUE: 91

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November 2015 ISSUE: 90

Chairman´s Note

The Turkish Machinery Makes A Name At EIMA

TAKMABİR, POMSAD, and ARÜSDER as members of the Turkish Machinery Federation (MAKFED) have attended EIMA, which held in Bologna, Italy on...

The Turkish Machinery Takes The Place In K 2016

The Turkish machinery attended K 2016 trade fair, which is the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry, in Dusseldorf, Germany on October 19-26.

Construction Equipment Builds The Future

2. International Construction Equipment Congress with the theme of “Be Sustainable, Build the Future” was organized and brought the sector runners together in Istanbul on October, 20-21.

Patent Fair Catch The Trend Of New Technology

The University-Industry Cooperation Center Platform National Patent trade fair was held in Harbiye Military Museum, Istanbul on November 8-9, aiming to...

The Main Topic Of MAKTEK Is Industry 4.0

MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 trade fair, which is the largest in the machinery manufacturing and machine tools industries, was held at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center, Istanbul on October...

Dalgakıran And IHI Holding Become Common

Dalgakıran has signed a joint venture contract with IHI Holding, the Japanese giant on heavy industry and technology. According to the agreement IHI...

“The Patent Secures Your Idea”

The patent and utility model is your influential legal basis for protecting the property rights of the inventions and techniques that you will obtain over R&D. The prospect of patent and utility model...