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November 2018 ISSUE: 114

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October 2017 ISSUE: 113

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September 2017 ISSUE: 112

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August 2017 ISSUE: 111

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July 2017 ISSUE: 110

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June 2017 ISSUE: 109

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April 2017 ISSUE: 107

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March 2017 ISSUE: 106

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February 2017 ISSUE: 105

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January 2017 ISSUE: 104

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December 2016 ISSUE: 103

Chairman´s Note

Turkish Machinery Hits Mark At Blechexpo

Blechexpo is accepted as the worlds most important fair in the field of ma-chine, metal processing and welding technology. Turkish Machinery played a part and put power of the Turkish machinery sector on the map.

Agricultural Machinery Sector At Agritechnica

Agritechnica was held in Hannover on 12-18 November with the theme Green Future and Intelligent Technologies. Turkish Machinery also play a part in the...

MAKFED Keep Going With Administration

2nd MAKFED Ordinary General Assembly convened on November 28th with the delegations of 17 members in order to vote for confidence in the presidency of Adnan Dalgakıran.

TARMAKBİR Brought The Sector Together

11th the Agriculture Sector Meeting that organized between 23-26 November, brought together Turkish agriculture machinery manufacturing sector.  Agricultural Mechanization Board...

8th HPKON Opened The Doors For Visitors

The 8th National Hydraulic Pneumatics Congress and Exhibition (HPKON) was held with international participation at the İzmir MMO Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center on 22-25 November.

Machinery Manufacturing Sectors Meet At Bursa

The Bursa Industry Summit, which brings the important sub-sectors of the machinery sector, was held at the TÜYAP Bursa International Fair and Congress Center...

Universal Language Of Commercial: Standards

Standardization is one of the most important issues in todays complex economic production and consumption network. The standards offer a global...