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September 2017 ISSUE: 112

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August 2017 ISSUE: 111

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July 2017 ISSUE: 110

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June 2017 ISSUE: 109

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May 2017 ISSUE: 108

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April 2017 ISSUE: 107

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March 2017 ISSUE: 106

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February 2017 ISSUE: 105

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January 2017 ISSUE: 104

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December 2016 ISSUE: 103

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November 2016 ISSUE: 102

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October 2016 ISSUE: 101

Chairman´s Note

Turkish Machinery At EMO Hannover

Turkish Machinery attended metalworking and technology fair EMO in Hannover on September 18-23 in the framework of promotional activities for Germany, thus Turkish Machinery took higher...

IMDER Is At Beijing BICES Fair

Turkish Construction Equipment Distributors’ and Manufacturers Association (İMDER) as member of Turkish Machinery Federation (MAKFED) participated in The 14th Beijing International Construction...

Composite Summit Meeting

By Composite Manufacturers Association, "Turkish Composite 2017 Fair" was held in İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center on 5-7 October. Plastic Industrialists Association...

2017 Is Export Year Of Wood Processing Industry

From the viewpoint of wood processing sector, 2017 is a great year. The sector that increased the export 30 percent, hosted the Wood Processing Machinery Fair...

MAKTEK Fair: The Biggest Of The Machinery Sector In Eurasia

MAKTEK İzmir Fair was held in İzmir for the first time this year with the support of Ministry of Economy and Small and Medium Industry Development...

Turkey - Iran Economy Get Strong

M. Mehdi Culazade Chairman of the Iranian Industrialists and Businessmen Association (İSİAD), stated that both countries chambers of commerce have taken on an effective role...

Profession Competence Certificate Delight Both Laborer And Hirer

The Professional Competency Board (PCB) continues to provide professional competency certificate to the employees through the authorized organizations.