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April 2019 ISSUE: 131

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February 2019 ISSUE: 129

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January 2019 ISSUE: 128

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December 2018 ISSUE: 127

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May 2018 ISSUE: 120

Chairman´s Note

MAIB Sectoral Trade Delegation Is In Tehran

Machinery Exporters Association of Turkey (MAIB) held a sectoral trade delegation program on December 11-14 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The trade delegation including Mehmet Güneş - Expert in...

11th Development Plan Preperation Workshops Started

Within the framework of the 11th Development Plan preparations, specialization commissions and work groups held their first round...

Machinery Exporters Association (MAIB) Hosted VIP Delegation From Thailand

Thailand delegation visited Turkey within the scope of the program coordinated by Ministry of Economy and organized...

Entrepreneur Information System Is Now Open For Industrial Organizations

A protocol signed between MAKFED and Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology regarding "Directive on Accessing, Using and Sharing...

MAKFED - Erdemir Machinery Manufacturing Industry Event Is Held

Erdemir, which continues its steel production operations in Turkey, welcomed machinery manufacturers at its Zonguldak facilities on 17 January 2018.

Exporters Meet At The Russian Economy And Industry Cooperation Meeting

Russian Federation Trade Representative and Central Anatolian Exporters Union (OAIB) met at Russian Economy and Industry Cooperation Meeting...

MAIB Welcomes VIP Delegation From Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina Delegation visited Istanbul within the scope of the " VIP Delegation" program coordinated by the Turkish Ministry of Economy and...

Industrialists From Ankara Will Be Specialized In Nuclear Energy

"Nuc-IndusTRy Domestic Contribution Project which was initiated Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) in 2014 offers new visions to the industrialists in Ankara.

Countdown Has Begun For ISK-SODEX 2018

The details of ISK-SODEX that will be held at TÜYAP Exhibition Center on 7-10 February 2018 were shared with the press. ISK-SODEX, one of the global meetings of international heating, cooling...

Critical Threshold In Competition: After-Sales Services

After-sales services are extremely important in gaining loyal customers today. Aftersales support defined as the availability of a product warranty and...