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April 2019 ISSUE: 131

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March 2019 ISSUE: 130

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February 2019 ISSUE: 129

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January 2019 ISSUE: 128

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December 2018 ISSUE: 127

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November 2018 ISSUE: 126

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October 2018 ISSUE: 125

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September 2018 ISSUE: 124

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August 2018 ISSUE: 123

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July 2018 ISSUE: 122

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June 2018 ISSUE: 121

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May 2018 ISSUE: 120

Chairman´s Note

Two Powers Join Together At One Fair

WIN EURASIA, which combined WIN Automation and WIN Metalworking, two major trade fairs in Europe, under the same roof, taking into consideration the demands of the sector...

AYSAD Elects Its New Board

The 47th Ordinary General Assembly of Elevator and Escalator Industrialists Association (AYSAD) was held on January 18th, and Sefa Targıt was elected as AYSAD Chairman of the Executive Board.

Quality Control From MAKFED And MATIL

Materials Testing and Innovation Laboratories (MATIL), which has made important contributions to the sustainability of the Turkish steel industry with its works, made an important collaboration...

Woodworking Machinery Industry Participates In India Wood Fair

Turkeys machinery manufacturers showed the manufacturing power of Turkish woodworking machinery sub-sector to the world by participating in India Wood...

The First Commerce Committee Of The Year Held In Ethiopia And Tanzania

Ethiopia-Tanzania Machinery Sectoral Trade Committee was held on February 19-24 organized by the Association of Machine Exporters (MAİB)...

Turkeys Machinery Manufacturers Gaining Recognition On Social Media

Turkeys Machinery Manufacturers has been doing active promotional activities on the social media since 2015. Turkeys Machinery Manufacturers, increasing...

The Sector Creating A Revolution In Industry: Boilers And Pressure Vessels

Industrial revolution is defined as a transition from hand power to the use of machinery in production and the use of steaming machines in production...

“We Are Going To Make A Difference In Export With Native Frame”

Volkan İtfaiye is preparing to export its first native production 8x8 frame fire truck. The first native 8x8 frame, developed by native engineers with a five-year...