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April 2019 ISSUE: 131

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March 2019 ISSUE: 130

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February 2019 ISSUE: 129

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January 2019 ISSUE: 128

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December 2018 ISSUE: 127

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November 2018 ISSUE: 126

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October 2018 ISSUE: 125

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September 2018 ISSUE: 124

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August 2018 ISSUE: 123

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July 2018 ISSUE: 122

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June 2018 ISSUE: 121

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May 2018 ISSUE: 120

Chairman´s Note

New Era In AKDER

The 12th Ordinary General Assembly of the Fluid Power Association (AKDER), a member of MAKFED, was held in Istanbul on March 14th. The new Board of Directors headed by Semih...

OSO Inc. General Assembly Meets

The Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Joint Purchase Organization (OSO), which was founded under the leadership of the Association of Machine Exporters (MAİB)...

Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers In Dubaiwood Show

Woodworking Machinery and Supply Industry Businessmen Association (AİMSAD) and Turkish Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers participating...

SAHA Is 3 Years Old

The third anniversary meeting of the Defense, Aviation and Space Aggregation (SAHA) which is one of Turkeys nationalization efforts, held on March 17, turned into a defense...

Active Market Control And Surveillance Begins

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Industrial Products Safety and Control, and Machine Manufacturers Association...

“We Produced Turkeys First Native Robotic Gun Barrel Bench”

Technical Sales Manager of SBM Technics brand Tanju Türkyılmaz stated that they launched Turkeys first native machine "Robotic Gun Barrel Bench"...

Keystone Of The Industry: Foundry Sector Runs To Future

Metal processing and casting which is one of the oldest occupations of humankind maintains its importance today as well and provides inputs for every sector of the...