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June 2019 ISSUE: 133

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May 2019 ISSUE: 132

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April 2019 ISSUE: 131

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March 2019 ISSUE: 130

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February 2019 ISSUE: 129

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January 2019 ISSUE: 128

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December 2018 ISSUE: 127

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November 2018 ISSUE: 126

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October 2018 ISSUE: 125

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September 2018 ISSUE: 124

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August 2018 ISSUE: 123

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July 2018 ISSUE: 122

Chairman´s Note

The Turkish Machinery Hit The Headlines At Hannover Messe One More Time

The Turkish Machinery demonstrated the production capacity, quality and advantages of the Turkish machinery sector to the world with its worldwide...

The Turkish Machinery Attended INTERMAT Trade Fair In Paris

The Turkish Machinery Attended INTERMAT Trade Fair, being the third largest event in heavy-duty and construction equipment.

“Selçuk Gülsün” Management Period At PAGDER

Reha Gür, having been Chair of the Board of Directors for the last three years, passed the torch to Selçuk Gülsün at the 37th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of...

2nd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting Of EFSİAD

The 2nd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Industrial Furnace Manufacturers and Businesspersons Association (EFSİAD) was held, and...

Underwater Vehicles Competed At YTU

2018 Turkey Third Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles Competition sponsored by the Machine Exporters Association was held on Davutpaşa Campus of Yıldız Technial University...

Mars Rover “İnan” On The Way To The USA

The Rover Team of Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ) working on planet rovers is going to represent Turkey with the robot they designed, called “İnan”, at the “University Rover Challenge”.

Sultans Of Turkey Hungry For Awards

Darüşşafaka High School FRC Robot Team Sultans of Turkey was awarded with the Chairman’s Award, the most prestigious award of the competition, at the robotics competition organized by the FIRST...

Expectations In Elevator And Escalator Are Positive

The share of Turkey in global elevator and escalator sector which expected to grow at 6 percent and reach 125 million dollars of amount by 2021 is increasing day by day.