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July 2019 ISSUE: 134

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June 2019 ISSUE: 133

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May 2019 ISSUE: 132

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April 2019 ISSUE: 131

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March 2019 ISSUE: 130

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February 2019 ISSUE: 129

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January 2019 ISSUE: 128

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December 2018 ISSUE: 127

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November 2018 ISSUE: 126

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October 2018 ISSUE: 125

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September 2018 ISSUE: 124

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August 2018 ISSUE: 123

Chairman´s Note

We Are Enlarging Our Target In US Market

The global economy has been struggling with the protectionist policies that the US President Trump has begun to implement as soon as he was elected. In particular, the additional customs duties applied...

AİMSAD Becomes The Representative Of Xylexpo Fair In Turkey

AİMSAD Secretary General Arif Onur Kaçak, who underlined that they have turned to export as a sector and therefore they prioritize their participation in...

Reassignment In SAHA Istanbul

There has been change in the management of SAHA İstanbul the founding of which was encouraged by Defense Industry Presidency and which contributed significantly...

35 New Trade Centers To Be Opened In Potentıal Markets

With the transition to the Presidential Government System, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Customs and Trade, which are two deep-rooted...

1,2 Billion TL Support To Industrialists

Following the system change in TUBITAK Technology and Innovation Support Programs Directorate (TEYDEB), which supports the research, technology development, university-industry...

Space Agency To Be Founded In Turkey Before The End Of The Year

In the announcement, it is indicated that Turkish Space Agency will create a system to ensure coordination of and to monitor the field of space while considering...

Metal Tamer: Industrial Furnaces

All manufacturers who take steel as raw material and shape it with various manufacturing methods and convert it into final parts/components has to do “heat treatment” at a certain stage of the...